Mike's '57 was bought back in 1989. It had been hit in the driver's door when the previous owner was running from the cops.Needless to say he didn't get away. Mike got the car, minus motor, for the measly sum of $800. The '57 was driven and street raced for a number of years running a 1776cc motor with dual 40mm dellorto's. He didn't care much about how it looked, so long as it hauled asssss! Eventually Mike went to college, got married(his wife's name is Mandy) and had a son(Alex). While all this was going on he stored the oval. Now that old feeling has hit him again! Time to get the oval out of mothballs and back into shape. The only difference this time is she is going to "show" as well as "go"!
The way it looked the day Mike brought it home.
This is how it looks now. The car has been taken completely apart and is in the process of getting a long overdue massage.
The chassis was taken down to bare metal and new pans were welded in. The whole shooting match, including all front end components, was taken to POWDER TECH PLUS for a lovely gloss black shine.
All of the wreck damage is being repaired as well as any rust that has cropped up over it's 40+ years of life.
As you can see, Mike has a lot of work ahead. Check back from time to time and see how it's going.
Mike has been hard at work getting the body panels ready to weld. He still has the front end to do and all the body work. It shows he has been taking his time and getting the everything to fit right! Check back soon and see how it's going.
There is FINALLY something new going on! Mike sent the body to Eric "Volksnut" in Orlando to get the sheet metal welding done. He wanted the rest of the body solid before setting the new front clip in place.
Eric has done a great job sticking all the body panels back together. After the body work is complete you won't even know this thing was in a wreck!
Check back soon for more pictures. Mike should be bringing her home and gett'in busy with the grinder soon!
Mikey's page last updated 8/17/02