Arriving at Irvine Meadows we were met with very crappy weather. Rain was the order of the day until about 12:30. You'll notice that there aren't any pics of the swap meet. IT SUCKED! The few things worth getting were so high priced you just laughed.
The first stop after the swap meet was the DKP car area and tent. We hung out and just took up space bullshitting. I would like to thank all the guys in DKP for their hospitality during the Classic weekend. I would especially like to thank Dave Rhoads for letting us hang out at his shop.
A world record was set at this years event. The most Rometch's in one place. There was a total of 9 on hand. How's that for Rarest of the Rare?
Not only were a lot of Coach builts on hand, a lot of kit cars were there as well. How about the red Puma? One of my favorite kit cars. All the kit cars showing were spot on flawless.
Next it's off to the race car section. Last years Pro Stock Champion Shawn Geers was showing his awsome ride.
V W Paradise had both of their dragsters on hand. Check out the cracked head from Carlsbad. Can you say a ton 'o horsepower!
Muffler Mike had his car on hand. It was shy a motor, which will be going in next month some time.
This Oval was sporting some power. It is a little hard to see but under the hood is a fuel injected Autocraft block with turbo, all hidden!
This show had a lot of the "not your ordinary car" cars. From the super short to the big and tall this show had it all.
How cool is this? Just think, you could have a little fun at the next Monster Truck show!
How about this little gem? There are two in thw world, one at the VW Museum in Germany and this one from West Coast Metric. It can be yours for the little price of $16,000.
Who ever built this woody did a really nice job. The one disturbing thing about it is that they cut up an Oval window to do it!
A row of Oval window Convertibles. The Split window was parked in a field in 1968 in Sweden. Old Bug .com found it and are going to get it running. The hitch is it will look exactly the same as it does now.
That about does it for this years coverage of the "Greatest Show On Earth"! I hope you enjoyed it , I sure did. Until next year, have fun and DRIVE AN AIRCOOLED VW!