Last we headed over to West Coast classic Restorations. Lenny, the owner, put on a nice open house. There was plenty of food and VW talk for everyone. The folks here also do PRIMO restorations!
The first thing you see as you walk in the shop is three totally restored cars with complete Okrasa motors.
The shop is divided into work bays, with each bay having its own specialty. For me, the storage bays were the coolest. They housed cars for future restorations as well as some in various stages of being restored.
This Oval convertible is getting the finishing touches on the interior.
This bay has a variety,one restored, one started restoring and one needing restored, as well as shelves and shelves of parts.
What do you think it costs to restore a coach built? This is definitely cool with an all aluminium body. One just doesn't find parts at the local swap meet!
Lenny told us he couldn't resist buying this Fiat. This was considered a "family" car in Europe!
How would you like to have this little section in your garage? Flat 4 BRM's anyone?
The guys from Volks World Magazine were on hand all weekend. They did a photo shoot with one of Lenny's personal Okrasa motored Split windows.