First we took a tour of the business. I didn't take any pictures there, it's basically a big warehouse filled with VW stuff! Then it was on to the Museum.
The first car you see is "Bugazon". This is the car that went from the top to the bottom of South America.
Next you see this '72 Super Beetle. It's no ordinary SB, there were only 1000 of these "Baja" specials produced. The wrought iron car is a copy of the one that sits in Germany at the Wolfburg museum. This thing is a spot on replica.
S t r e t c h limo anyone?
Care for a '74 Ghia with only 16 miles on? How bout a split?
The coolest car in the collection is the old Dune Buggies Magazine off road car. A feature in HVW's recently detailed the restoration of this legendary car. Just looking at it brings you back to the beginings of off road racing.
There are a couple of old military wagens hanging around. I really like the old German surf boaed hanging over the Kubel wagen!
The guys were getting their display together for the CLASSIC. You are looking at the "Half Bug". Half of this '67 has been restored and half hasn't!
On my list of things to see in life, I can scratch one more off. The cool thing is, all the cars are fully functional. If we could only find the keys!