Team Lo' Cash getting our Rally Racer ready to show the locals how it's done!... YEAH RIGHT!
Registration time. I also picked up a few raffle tickets, that later won me some cool stuff!
Check out the quality of cars that ran the rally.
Team Lo' Cash and the stand-in Minor Threat waiting in the staging lane.
Here I am receiving instructions before leaving in a cloud of tire smoke. By the way, nice hat Clyde.
LCR did OK in the rally. We only got lost for about an hour, but completed with all but one answer. Not to bad for a bunch of dorks! We ended up at Knowlwoods with everyone else. The following cars pictured were in the parking lot. Since the cops were nice enough to spend the ENTIRE evening with us, there are no smoky burnout pictures to see. I guess all the doughnut shops in the area were closed.
The late, great Dean Lowrey's salt flat Dyno-Soar was on hand.

Hey where's the carb?

Hidden behind the back seat connected to a turbo! Can you say SLEEPER?
Nice Cal-Look split!
The evening ended with Ron Flemming giving out the raffle prizes and awards for the Rally. All in all it was a fun day.
This is the list of things I won in the raffle. The slip was attached to my bag-o-winnings. Pretty cool for $5 !