Rolling up to Berg's to register. The line wasn't to long, we were there early.
Richie from the UK was nice enough to be the driver in his stock '67 bug that he picked up in Utah. Here we are signing our life away to run the Rally.
Here is Team Lo' Cash in line and getting instructions from Clyde Berg. He told us to put the pedal to the metal. We did pretty good, had one litle glitch that cost us. I think we were in the top ten, the car that won was running right with us the whole time.
We ended up at FuddRuckers and parked in the lot with all the other Ralliers.
The first cars you run into are the VW Paradise rides. The turbo rail, witch which has had numerous speed records and Jason's 11 second naaawwwwwsssss breathing Vert. Oh yea baby!
The parking lot was full of nice looking cars. How about the v8 powered type 1. This was the nicest v8 conversion I have personally ever seen.It was built in England and shipped over for the Classic.You could hardly tell it had a v8 stuffed under the trunk lid.
Well, par for the course. The cars started to roll out and get on the gas a little and what happens? We get a Police Hellicopter and 2 cars within 2 minutes. Seems the days of smokey burnouts are going to be a thing of the past. You never know, maybe next year!