The Berg Rally was called off, so an impromptue "drag day" was quickly thrown together at Carlsbad Raceway.
AJ Sims let me ride along with him out to the track. The pits were already jammed when we rolled up.
The guys from were on hand and ready to throw down with the West Coast boys.
Muffler Mike was there with his new wiz bang car carrier. NICE!
The lanes were full of just about every car you could imagine.
Mark Herbert brought out the Super Shit Box.
Once the racing festivities started it was all eyes on the track.
John Lesco, who usually runs a turbo/NOS powered 9 second buggy, brought out his other play toy. An 8 second V8 powered Altered.
The crowd favorite had to be Rapid Russ in the SLOVAL. In his 70's fire suit and fro flyin in the wind the Gasser look was in full force.