The Lo' Cash crew arrive at 7pm to a packed house.
The RACE SHOP NHRA H/Gass record holding Ghia.
Kafer Dave's newly completed Oval. Dave, VW Trends tech editor, was on hand shootin' the shit.
Muffler Mike was out showing off his new T.G. Fab turbo system. This is the view most competitors get of Mike's car. He wowed the crowd with a smoky burn out as he left the parking lot!
Frenchy Dehoux's recently completed Old-School Looker
Scott Bakken's cool replica of the Aronson/Holmes original '63 Cal-Looker.
Check out this line of Cal-Look cars. I love the smell of Cam 2 in the evening.... It smells like VICTORY!
This Ghia came all the way from British Columbia for the show. Sweet ride.
UGLY! 10.30's in the quarter, nuff said.

Tube chassis, chop top running 62mm Jaycee "Terminator" carburetors on the street!

Quality "pro street" buggy and check out the nice Oval with the nasty turbo setup.
Anyone up for a Cal-Look Fiat?