We stopped off at around 5:30 to see what's going on. Then we went with A.J. Sims to Irwindale Raceway to see some racing.
As you can see, things were already starting to happen.
Then it's off to Irwindale for A.J. to kick some v8 ASS! He ran two low 8 second passes and then we went back to the DQ.
When we got back things were in full swing! Tons of people and lots of quality rides.
The late great Andy Costello's car was on hand. He will be missed.
How is this for a slick ride? Light weight, nice and lots of turbo power!
Sean's transmixer killer has many uses. It's one fun looking car that doubles as a table at the drop of a dime. Who wants some fries?
The usual final festivities that occur at this event were cut drastically short. The local fuzz were out in full force so there are no burn out pics. Hopefully the Berg Rally will produce something for us.