I arrived at 4:30 to the picture on the left. The shot on the right was taken around 7:30. Can you say Mob Scene? There were more people at this years cruise than any other year I've attended. Gives you hope that our little hobby will still be around for years to come.
There were tons of quality cars on hand. Turbo, super charged, drag cars what ever your taste it was here.
Domonic Luppino brought out his new NOS injected street car. This thing is going to be crazy fast.
Robert Kong brought out his newly finished vert. Look for a feature on this car in one of the mags soon.
Rapid Russ brought the Sloval out in true Hollywood fashion. Decked out in a "fro" wig, period drivers suit and helmet, the 60's Gasser look was a huge hit.
Here's a different way of advertising. Build one nice off the wall VW and plaster your business name on the side.
This year the DKP gave out an award for the car that best represented the Cal Look tradition. This Oval was the hands down winner. Super clean inside and out.