This is a picture of the car at the track for it's first run. The exact date isn't known but is sometime in 1983-1984. The car was built by Jimmy Phetteplace of Phetteplace VW Service in Pensacola, Florida. The shop is still in existance today and new pictures and info from when the car was built will be added as I get them.
Here is what she looks like today! I bought the car from Marvin Corley in Savanah, GA. The only history that I have after Jimmy sold her is the car raced in Texas for a time and eventually ended up in Alabama. That is where Marvin bought it from. He had it for a number of years, A few of witch I wanted to purchase it from him. Everytime we got close on a deal something would happen. Then finally the planets aligned and the deal was struck.
It needs a good going through but all in all it's in great shape. The craftsmanship of the original build is A1. The add-on peices over the years is another story!
The majority of the work that will need done is in the driver compartment. Jimmy must be one short dude! I will have to re-engineer the cockpit, including pedal, steering wheel and seat location. I will reuse as much of the original tin as possible.
The other section that will need attention is the back. This will get an overhaul twice fold. First the suspension will be upgraded as well as everything being strenghtened up for the turbo/NOS powerplant. Then the appearance of the back of the car will change. Since the cars inception it has been carburated but when it hits the track with me it will be a draw through turbo setup. A box will be built to house everything and give it that Pro Mod look.
I hope to get this thing on the track by earily next year. The car will stay "ugly" for at least a season to make sure everything works the way I want it to. After all is well she will be taken apart and done up in show stopping style. Stay tuned and she how all this works out!