Sherman "Sherminator" Watkins owner of S&S VW SERVICE is running two cars right now. His tried and true turbo rail which runs consistant 6.50's and a new car which he is working the bugs out, pardon the pun. The Type 1 chassis appears like any other, look a little deeper and you'll find it's running a Type 2 automatic trans and big turbo motor. Sherm has run a best of 7.40@89mph. He took home the trophy and money for the fastest "import" that same night!

My good buddy Tracy from fame has a few goodies in the garage. His street ride; 911, turbo, intercooled and BAAAD ASS! The record holding Stealth Bomber and lets not forget the infamous Turbo Bar Stool.

Eric "Volksnut" and his Junkyard Turbo Buggy! Eric has done a great job building this low buck street terror. The 1679cc hellian has a best of 12.38@102mph-1/4 mile. Eric built her from the ground up. The roll cage's main section was done by Team Lo' Cash with Eric taking care of the finishing touches. How about that paint scheme, straight outa the 70's.

Most of you will recognize this car right off. For those who don't, it's Richard Webb's beautiful '70 Cabriolet. Yes, I did say the year right. After an accident that pretty much totalled the car Rich decided to rebuild it as a '67. Up close you would never tell the difference! Richie terrorizes the streets in England and this TRUE driver packs one hell of a punch. To date, the EFI, turbo charged, NOS 2332cc motor has put down some big numbers. The best to date is a 11.91 et and 139.77 mph. The mph came after a stripped R/P and the ET was at night (very slippery in England) so a ton of HP is still there. Other than trying to get a trans to stay together, Rich has upgraded the cage and had the car certified to run faster than 9.90's. Besides being an all around good guy, Rich also won the "Cal Look Car of the Year" award for 2004. Check back and see how fast he can get this thing to run.

John Giordano's '64 Bug is one nice ride. Residing in Jacksonville, FL this thing is a menace to the streets. Driven daily, John built the 2275cc motor himself. The trans is of course a Lo' Cash unit. He has had his problems with getting some good numbers at the track. John always seems to find the week link! If you see him driving by, stop him and say hello.

These pictures are of my neighbor Don's car right after he finished painting it. If you haven't guessed, he is one kick ass air brush artist! He will be running a Lo' Cash engine and tranny combo in the near future. Check out his site AIRWERX.COM.

Justin Dougert lives West Palm Beach, Florida. His car "A BugsLife" is built in true "Lo Cash" style. This 2054cc killer has one kooky paint job. How would you like to look in the rearview and see that smile running you down? The best to date is:1.79 60', 8.380@79.57 in the 8th and 13.382@96.45 in the 1/4.

Here is another Lo' Cash Racer! Eric lives in Pensicola, FL and built this '65 bug from the ground up. It sported a 1776cc motor with 48 IDA's, FK 87 cam, 40 X 35.5 heads, MSD 6AL, two step and 1 5/8" merged header. This set-up neted him a best of 8.15@83 mph in the 1/8th mile. One day I get a call and Eric has tons of questions about turbo's. I tell him what I know. I get this pic of his new turbo set-up and WOW! To date the best he has pulled off is 7.37@94 mph and that was with only 15 lbs of boost. That was on a cold day with a bad 1.70 60' time. Can't wait to see how this thing runs when it's fulled setup and tuned.

Steven McMahon hails from Glasgow, Scotland and emails often. His ride seems to be coming along nicely. Hopefully he'll be able to get her finished soon. Check back for updated pictures!

Last updated 5/30/05