This section is dedicated to telling YOU what's going on with Minor Threat and LO' CASH Racing Team.Good, bad, or anything else we can come up with. Check back monthly!
11/29/00- This is the first installment and at present the race season is over and Minor Threat is going into hiding. The year ended on a good note, kind of. She came away with the "PRO CLASS" win at Fisher Buggies October '29 th show and 1st place in "RACE CLASS ALL" at the Florida Bug Jam on November 12th. At the Fisher show she started the day in "SUPER PRO CLASS" but had a trans problem(wouldn't stay in 1st gear). I decide to see what she'll do starting in 2nd gear, the result is a 7.54@100mph. The class cut off is 7.50. Perfect! She ran a 7.56@87mph, hitting the brakes,on a 7.54 dial in the final round to take the win. Talk about a weird day. All I can say is the RLR BLACK MAGIC clutch is awesome. As for the time being, us guys at LO' CASH will be concentrating on the SSG for a little while. Check for updates! Later-Lester
12/22/00- First off let me and everyone at LCR wish you and your family a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! With that out of the way, lets get to it. Things have been a little slow around here. The SSG has had a little work done on it, Mike has been steady at it on the '57, and that's about it. Since there isn't much to write about, I'll give a few stats for this year. The new motor went in at the beginning of the year, and with it a slew of trans problems. Mostly ring and pinion failures. Hopefully those are a thing of the past! The best run- 6.71@100mph in the 1/8th.(The motor is just now starting to come around and should run allot faster.), Best reaction-0.503 (without the aid of a delay box.), Worst reaction time-1.014-final round of Fisher Buggies October show.(without the aid of a delay box) THATS JUST BAAAADDD! Looking to next year, we will be at the VW CLASSIC WEEKEND and possibly at the Sacramento Bug-In helping Tracy Grimm from T.G. Fabrication show the West coast what we got over here on the East coast. Check in with us for nightly updates! Look for Minor Threat and the whole LO' CASH team to hit 2001 with a vengeance. Until next month, keep checking back and long live air baby! Later-Lester
1/29/01- The year to date has really sucked! I have no time to do anything. The SSG is sitting in the exact spot it was a month ago with nothing done to it. I've been working in Chicago going on the third week now. The only thing getting worked on is Mikes Oval. I know he had gotten a premo front clip and is working on that, along with fixing some damage done to the dash(den mount stereo hole and misc. other holes). I haven't had time to get over to the shop and shoot any pictures. My plans are to work on the SSG and get my 15' panel truck going . I will have pictures up on this project as well. Minor Threat will fit nicely in the back! Check back soon as I will have updates online as soon as I possibly can. Hope everyone is staying warm and getting ready for the first ET slips of the year. I know I am. Later-Lester
2/20/01- The past month hasn't been so bad. The SSG has gotten some work done to it, we got plane tickets and car reservations for the VW CLASSIC WEEKEND and the weather around here has been great. I am getting the stuff together to do video on the site. Hopefully soon we'll have some video nasties to watch. It looks like we'll be able to do nightly still and VIDEO updates from the CLASSIC as well. I will be getting Minor Threat out of moth balls soon and ready for some action. Until next month, keep the pedal to the metal and your eyes on the last yellow. Don't forget to check out the PROJECTS page for all the updates. Later-Lester
3/30/01- Back to the same old shit as far as work is concerned. Been out of town A LOT lately. Minor Threat is still in the same sad shape as it was a moth ago. The trans needs fix'in, hopefully I'll get time before the Fisher Show to get it together. The SSG has been put on the back burner again for a while, as John has been out of town working and Mike just had knee surgery a few days ago. It sucks to get old and have responsibility! The one good thing is that Minor Threat took home the first trophy of the year, she got first in "Dune Buggy" class at the Orlando VW Show-N-Shine 2001 so that was pretty cool. Well until next time, keep you eye on the lights and foot to the floor. Later- Lester
5/7/01- Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Things have been crazy lately. Minor Threat got put back together only to be torn apart the next night. The trans problems haven't left the building yet! The "dog teeth" on 1st gear are toast. Went to the track the Tuesday before Fisher Buggies show and she wouldn't stay in gear after the launch. She still ran 103mph in the 1/8th though. Needless to say I didn't make the show. A new 1st gear will be on order shortly. Now on to the good news. Minor Threat still won something last month! She took 3rd in "Buggy Class" and her first "Best Of Show"-"Best Modified Engine" at SEVW's "VW"S BY THE SEA" show. She got beat by two new additions to the show circuit. An original Meyer's Manx(so original that the owners father was the guy who built it), still has factory blue metal flake gel coat, and an off-road buggy that is painted Jaguar colors+graphics. Hopefully I will get time to work on the SSG soon. The big deal is the VW CLASSIC WEEKEND! I just got off the phone with Gene Berg Ent. and will be receiving info on the Berg Rally. Keep checking back, I will post new stuff soon. I hope. Later-Lester
7/4/01-HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Well, the trip to Cali and the Classic was awesome. We meet a lot of nice people and saw oodles of cool rides. If you haven't seen the story click here and check it out. As for things around here, Minor Threat still isn't back together yet. My wife is going through some medical problems so everything else is on hold. The SSG isn't running yet either, but should be soon. Lo' Cash took the SSG to the FOX LAKE show and low and behold got a "runner up" in the under construction class. Richard Pitman from POWDER TECH PLUS brought out his newly finished '62 and took a first in "Modified Pre '67 Bug". His ride is super sweet and will be in VW TRENDS soon. The video section is finally up. I'm still learning and need a few more items to be "self sufficient", thanks to Will from TECH HUT.COM for giving me the help. More videos should be along as soon as I can get them going.
8/13/01-This month has SUCKED for the site! The company that I paid a year in advance for web space from went belly up. The site was down for almost the whole month. A new co. picked up my service and hopefully there will be no more problems. Now, down to business. The SSG has had some work done to it. John has gotten all the wiring sorted out and hopefully we will have it going in the next few weeks. I know we have said this before, but we really are trying! Mike has been assembling his pan and just got an 82mm crank reworked. I should be building him a motor and trans in the near future. My local roundy round track is building a drag strip! They have started a "heads up" run what you got drags on the pit road of the circle track to get people interested. It is only around 400ft long before you shut down, but Minor Threat went and kicked some royal ass. The only car that beat her was a tube chassis 80's Mustang on juice. I was setting Minor Threat up to run on the motor only and didn't run NOS all night. The next chance I get, I'm hit'in 'em with the juice, and hopefully making some "dog food" out of a horse. Later-Lester
9/13/01-This past month has been bad not only for us here at Lo' Cash but for all the VW community and the entire USA. First on 9/11/01 the terrible terrorist attack on our great land. God bless America and everyone who lost love ones. Death to those that did it. Second on 8/13/01 VW drag racer Andy Costello lost his battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with his family. Finally, on 8/17/01 the engine that motivated Minor Threat came apart at the seams. The destruction of a motor doesn't seem very important as I write this, but when it happened it hurt. Now on to things that are good at Lo' Cash. The SSG is very close to terrorizing some rice burners! We have it running, just need to get the carb jetting up to snuff. She is gonna be a quick Bitch. I'm going to love to see the faces of kids driving their coffee can, whale tail, low profile tire $3000 rim slow ass Honda's that get pelted by rust as a $600 pile goes flying by. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CAN'T WAIT! Other than that I've started to get together with Tracy from on the new setup for Minor Threat. Bigger and Badder is all I'm going to say. Be afraid, be very afraid. Well that's all for now. Until next month, let our land heal from the wounds and let those who did it pay dearly. Later-Lester
10/22/01-Work has been steadily happening on the SSG. We got the roll cage done start to finish, went and did a night of racing(9.38@74mph was the best we got) and even had time to work on some of the bugs before this weekends Fisher show. As for everything else, Mikes car has been put on hold yet again. He found out that he will loose his job at the end of next month. His employer is getting rid of the whole division. Minor Threat is still broken. I hope to start on a new motor in the next few months. SEVWC is trying to get a new points series together. HALLELUJAH! I would love to have Minor Threat together for the start of that. Just think, a two car team, Minor Threat and the SSG! That's all for now, check back soon for updates on the SSG! Later-Lester P.S. Anyone interested in donating to the "SSG Fund" and receiving two Lo' Cash Stickers and rust accompanied by a certificate of authenticity! Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
12/11/01- It's been a while since I've updated, been VERY busy with work. First, HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM LO' CASH RACING!!! Next, the SSG had it's first major win, Fisher Buggies Sportsman class, and it was only it's second time to the track. She ran a best of 9.02@84mph in the 1/8th, on street tires. I ran a 9.521 on a 9.50 dial in the final round. Pictures will be up soon. I'm very close to having new motivation for Minor Threat(2332 all Scat motor). Keep checking back for updates. That's all for now, have a good New Year! Later-Lester