This section is dedicated to telling YOU what's going on with Minor Threat and LO' CASH Racing Team.Good, bad, or anything else we can come up with. Check back monthly!
1/22/02-Well, another year is upon us. Hope everyone had a good holiday season. The motor for Minor Threat is sooo close I can taste it! Not long now, still scraping money together. The SSG went home with John at the beginning of the year. He will be running it in the sportsman class this year getting his feet wet racing. New pans are on order and a few other mods are in the works. Before we put her down for the work to come, Mike had his hand at the wheel for a night. It was his first time on the track and I must say he did rather well. Now his Oval is getting put together to run the sportsman class as well. We'll see what happens between these two in the year to come! I sold the '64 to a friend for her husbands Christmas present. He already has most of the body work done and ready for paint. The Lo' cash crew also helped Eric "Volksnut" build the main hoops and down bars of a roll cage for his turbo buggy. I hope to have a new section for friends rides up soon. I have also acquired John's convertible for a street car. I'm already putting a 74x94 motor with 4 barrel turbo setup together. Stay tooned for pics of what is going on. That's all for now, keep your foot on the floor and watch for the last yellow. Later-Lester
3/10/02- A lot has been happening in Lo' Cash land. The 2054cc motor is almost complete, just needs push rods and the manifolds match ported. Still have all the fab work for the turbo setup as well. The motor to the SSG is sitting on an engine stand at my house getting freshened up. New Scat rods, straight cut cam gears and 044 heads will be on her soon. Mike took his '57 to Volksnut in Orlando so the sheet metal work can be done. John and Mike had an adventure on the way down. The trailer came off the hitch and did an axle grind on the center wall of the Sanford bridge on I-4. Luckily there was minimal damage to the trailer and tow vehicle and the '57 is none the worse for the trip. John just recieved his trans parts from Weddle. Mikes trans will be finished sometime this week. I'm going to be REAL busy the next few weeks. Getting the cash together for Minor Threat's new motor is taking longer than expected, which sucks! In the mean time I'm getting " pro rings" for the trans and a longer fourth gear for quater mile fun. Stay tooned! Later-Lester
4/15/02- Things are still cranking around here! The SSG motor is still on the stand, lash caps fiasco the reason, but the heads are on and it just needs the end play set and she is ready to rumble. I picked up the new motivation for Minor Threat on Friday. The 2332cc monster went in without a problem. Took it for a test run yesterday around the subdivision. I will be at test and tune on Tuesday for a shake down unless it rains. Just think, the Fisher show with two Lo' Cash cars. HOW COOL WILL THAT BE? Mike's trans is done except for axles and tubes, Minor Threat has "Pro Rings" and a new 1/4 mile 4th gear, the SSG has a bunch of new goodies and the Vert trans and motor are pretty much built. It's like Christmas around here. Stay tooned for all the details on what happens at the Fisher show! Later-Lester
6/3/02- Things didn't work out as planned. John had a little problem with the SSG so it didn't make the Fisher show. Minor Threat was there, but I went out on a red light in the second round. She still had a good showing with a 7.54 @89mph pass on just the motor. The air density was real low, you could of fried an egg on the starting line it was so hot! I did get some really big air out of the front end though. Check out the Video section for some cool stuff from the show. The Classic is this week, check back each night for updates! Later-Lester
7/3/02- The VW Classic was a blast! Had a great time. I would like to thank: Richie from the UK, A J Sims, Dave Grainer(Proformance), Dave Rhoads and all the guys in the DKP III. Check out all of this years activities in the "Trips & Shows" section. Now, down to business. The SSG motor is done and back with John. I'm waiting for him to pull the trans so I can build that next. The Frankenvert 2054cc is a complete long block. Waiting for Tracy from T G FAB to get the turbo rebuild done so I can finish the header and intake pieces. I'm hoping to have her ready to cruise to this years Bug Jam and participate in the "Under Construction" class. Minor Threat is moving along nicely. She ran a 7.28@90mph in the 1/8th last night at test and tune. A little more tweeking and she'll be ready for some NAAAAWWWWSSSSSSS! I have been cleared for attending the next Drag Day on Sept. 8th. Minor Threat will be ready to show the West Coast Boy's what 1/8th mile racing is all about. I should have "Lo Cash Racing" T-shirts available soon. Check back for details. That's about it for now. Later-Lester
8/14/02- A lot has happened in the last month. I was supposed to be attending the second running of Drag Day in two weeks, but I was layed off about 3 weeks ago. The weird thing is, I haven't had a day without work since. I'm just "part time" right now. No benny's and no guarantee of work tomorrow. Needless to say I can't justify spending the cash to go to Cali right now. I did do something fun, ran Minor Threat in the 1/4 mile for the first time! I got a best of 11.95@106mph(motor only no NAAAWWWWSSSSSS). The track wasn't in very good shape, my 60' times were a tenth slower than usual on every run. Eric "Volksnut" was there and ran a best ever 12.38@102 but killed fourth gear on the pass we went at it. The trans stuff came in for the SSG, but had a little problem. The proper 3-4 gear hub should be here in a week. Mike's Oval has had some progress. Eric is finished with it , just need Mike to make the trip to get it home. He will have hours apon hours of grinding to do! Frankenvert is close to hitting the streets. I should be picking the turbo up and getting the induction system done soon. That's about all from my part of the world. Later-Lester
9/15/02- I'm back to work full time again. Our company was bought out by the factory of the printing press we sell. Things are still shakey, but hopefully they'll get better. I have been working on Frankenvert pretty hard. The transmixer business has been going full tilt as well. The trans for the SSG has been put on hold until I can get some other peoples done. Mike has started grinding on his body. I hope to have some pics up soon. John has been setting up shop in his home garage. That has been cosuming all his spare time lately. I hope to have Frankenvert and the SSG up and running before the Florida Bug Jam.We want to enter them in the "Under Construction Class". For anyone going , just look for two ugly turds that haul ass! That's about it for now. Until next month............ Later-Lester
11/11/02- It's been a little while since I've updated, a lot has happened. I was layed off again from work, this time for good. I luckily was working again in an hour, literally. I went back to the company I worked for before the buyout. No more travel, so I should be able to get more done. House work I've been putting off is first though. I installed an oil cooler on Minor Threat before the Fisher race. The cooler worked great, I didn't. Got put out in the first round, bad light and didn't even run the number on top of it. The guy that beat me came rushing over to tell me it was his first win ever. Glad I could help him out! Bug Jam was a blast. Didn't win anything, but who carse? Frankenvert and the SSG are still setting. Need a part for the trans in the SSG and waiting on Tracy to rebuild the turbo for Frankenvert. Mike has been steadily grinding away on the Oval. With the end of the show scene here, it's time to get some things done. Look for Minor Threat to have some new items next year as well as Frankenvert and the SSG getting rolling. The trans business is in full gear as well. If your looking for a quality trans at an affordable price, drop me a line with what you want and I'll do you right. Well, that about does it for now. Check back and see everything that happens over the winter. Later-Lester
12/21/02- First let me say HAPPY HOLIDAY'S from everyone at Lo' Cash Racing! It's been an up and down year for me, but it's looking good as of right now. Not a whole lot has been happening. All the crew, my self included, have been busy doing honey do's. This mostly consists of working on our houses. Got to get everything done while there isn't any racing going on! Frankenvert has had a little work, the SSG trans is done except for axles being installed and Minor Threat is just relaxing a little. One thing we have done is add a few cool products. Head to the products page and see if there is anything you need. That's about all for now. I hope you have a fun and safe holiday season. Later-Lester