This section is dedicated to telling YOU what's going on with Minor Threat and LO' CASH Racing Team.Good, bad, or anything else we can come up with. Check back monthly!
2/5/03- Another year is up and rolling. The engine from Minor Threat is apart and in need of some TLC. I found two ate up lifters and one flat cam lobe. The crank and flywheel is at Demello machine getting wedgedmated as I write this. I sent a set of new Lube-A-Lobe lifters to be reground by SLR Cams in Cali. I'll let you know how they look when I get them back. There is a few other things that needs to be done before the race season starts. Hopefully I'll have time to get it all done. The SSG motor and trans is done, unfortunately John has been sent out of town for work until the end of March. Mike has been working on the front clip of the Oval and making steady progress. On a sad note, Frankenvert is dead. Me and John couldn't come up with a price that suited us both so it went back to him. On a good note, I have a new project that just showed up in it's place. A rail buggy! The 2054cc turbo motor will go in it as well as a few other goodies. Stay tuned for info! Well, that's all for now. Until next month. Later-Lester
3/26/03- Things are......... going around here. Not good, not bad, just going. I've been working on the SSG some, look for new things from that pile soon. I will be receiveing my crank and flywheel back from Demello tomorrow, finally. There isn't time to get the car together for Fisher's so I guess I'll go and help Volksnut out for the day. I also have big plans for Minor Threat, all I'll say is faster-faster-faster! As for everything else, life isn't too bad right now, I don't think I'll be able to do Drag Day this year either. The money situation is tight. Oh well, there is always next year! That's about it for now. See ya at the races! Later-Lester
4/20/03- Progress is happening. The new bottom end for Minor Threat is together and the heads are getting a total redo, the SSG has some new back rims with slicks mounted and a MAJOR reconstruction of my garage space is in full motion and going well( I'm not building a new garage, just adding 38' of shelving that will help out a ton). The site is getting a face lift as well. Check back as new things will be popping out as time permits. Other than the fact that I'm going through drag racing withdrawls everything is good. Hope everyone is having a good spring! Later-Lester
7/8/03- It's been a while since I've updated, been real busy with work and other peoples cars. Minor Threat is in limbo, the heads are being done(head porter has had them for 6 months now) and I'm undecided as to what direction I want her to go in. The SSG has had a little done to it, I hope to have it back on the track soon. Mikes Oval is getting work here and there. I did get to go to the VW Trends Dyno Day as well as most of the Classic events. Who says work doesn't have it's rewards? They paid for the whole trip! I've been working on my garage though. I installed 38' of shelving and 30' of lighting. Haven't gotten it completely done the way I want but it's getting there. Until next time, Later-Lester
8/16/03- Well, not much has changed. My heads for Minor Threat didn't get much attention so I pulled them and sent them to A.J. Sims ( to be done. They should be badass here real soon. The Ghia will be back on the track at the end of the month. There is a "Fast and Furious" day at the drag strip so were going to cause havoc! Mike's oval is still getting done slowly. I've still been busy working on other peoples rides, I hope to be working on the "trurbo rail buggy" very soon. I hope you like the new look of the site, it's been a while in the making. Later-Lester
10/30/03- Happy Halloween! Things are still slow. Started work on the Turbo Rail Buggy so go check it out. Other than that and taking care of some Honeydues around the house I've just been going along. The SSG is up and running again. It needs some tuning as we changed too many things at once. There will be a 1 piece front end on her soon as well.. I'm still working on other peoples rides, trying to just get by. The "no track blues" are in full effect. It will be a year to the day this sunday since my last time strapped into my ride. I hope to be back at it soon. Well, Bug Jam is next weekend, hope to see evryone there. If you see any of the Lo' Cash Family stop us and say hi. Until next month or when I get time to update...... Later-Lester
11/26/03- Well the Hollidays are here again! The situation is basically the same. Waiting on heads from A.J. Sims, the SSG still needs tuning and Mike isn't any further on the Oval. The Turbo Rail Buggy is getting some work and I will be doing alot to it the next couple of weeks. Other than that my plans are to enjoy the Holidays and eat way too much food. I hope everyone has a GREAT THANKSGIVING !!!!!!!!! Later-Lester
12/26/03- Hope the holidays are going well for you all. The situation is the same as last month. I have gotten some work done on the rail buggy, pics should be up soon. I would like to thank everyone who drops by and visits our little site here. I know it has been a slow year for us but that will hopefully change with the new year. Believe me it has been hard not doing as much as one is used too. I hope to have Minor Threat back on the track sometime in '04 as well as getting the SSG dialed in. Mike should hopefully be getting the Oval up and I mean in '04. Even if it isn't painted and pretty. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and I'll see ya at the races! Later-Lester