This section is dedicated to telling YOU what's going on with Minor Threat and LO' CASH Racing Team.Good, bad, or anything else we can come up with. Check back monthly!
1/25/04- Well the new year is apon us and things are already getting rollin. I have a T4 turbo for Minor Threat, and my heads will be back from AJ Sims next week. I have been working on my trailer, complete redo, and I also got a new Miller 175 mig welder. I should be starting the intke for Minor Threat this month as well. As for everything else, it is basically the same. On a side note, I got a ton of stuff from a guy who is getting out of VW's. If you need some off road tires, rims, complete rail buggy, CB fuel injection for turbo, CNC port heads then drop me a line. I may have what you need! Check back often as things are starting to roll again. Later-Lester
2/19/04- Things are rolling now!!!! I got my heads back from AJ Sims (LOOK GREAT), Weisco pistons, E-Boost controller plus a whole lot more! Keep checking back often, updates will be posted as I get time. John is going tro be working on Frankenvert again soon, I gave him a set of rims and tires for it. Going to be a BAJA!!!!!!!!!! I hope to have pics up as soon as he gets rolling. I hope to be at the track by the end of MAY, time will tell. Later-Lester
3/20/04- The motor is complete except for push rods which are on order. I'm at a stand still right now, the exhaust is next and my car is at a friends garage. I have gone on to redoing my trailer. New axles, tounge, wheels and tires, ramps, a winch, trailer brakes and a new deck. I figured if I didn't do these very much needed upgrades before I got MT back home I wouldn't do them at all or for a very long time. AJ Sims will be running a LCR trans very soon in his Kadron class car. The stuff is coming in now and it should be together in the next few weeks. I also ordered some exhaust tubing from AJ so I can get started on that as soon as the trailer is done. I hope to have it running soon so stay tuned...... Later-Lester
6/14/04- Well it has been a long time since I've updated! A lot has been going on. I got the trailer ready for sand blasting but had to wait until last weekend to drop it off. Powder Tech has been swamped with work and not able to do it. I got the Demon 750 carb in and the turbo mods done to it. The exhaust tubing is also in, just waiting on the collector to arrive. AJ's trans is still not done. I have had a hell of a time trying to get the gusset welded on. Tracy from TG Fab has it done, I will pick it up this week and finish the build. Other than that it's just been work. I hope to have MT home very soon. I should get the trailer done this weekend or eairly next week. Stay tuned, I promise not to take so long for the next update! Later-Lester
8/5/04- It been another long stretch without an update, sorry. It is a lot harder to get time for computer work since I'm not on the road any more. I've been working on so much of other peoples stuff that I haven't had any time for my stuff! I did get the trailer completed. It looks and hauls great! I hope Paradies Express figures out a new venue for the drag racing activities during the Classic weekend. Carlsbad Race way is closing after 41 years of service. I wanted to race MT there next year but that isn't going to happen now.Well now on to other news. John has decided to make the SSG a street car, spool and all! He doesn't have a trailer or tow rig at all so a dedicated race car is kind of unrealistic right now. He swaped the slicks for a set of Yokahama tires and is in the process of getting it taged and legal. My Ghia project made it's way home. I have pans on order and a ton of ideas! For now I'm going to just get it running and do work as time permits.I will be driving her in the mean time though. That's what I have wanted for a while now..........A STREET CAR!!! Keep checking back to see what crazy ideas we come up with next. Until then, later-Lester
9/12/04- Things have been moving along at a good even pace. I've had some time to work on my Ghia street car, got the turbo exhaust fabbed up and the passenger side floor pan removed. Been working on some custmer stuff as well. John took the SSG to Valdosta for the SEVWA race and ran ok. Still having tuning problems but they are getting worked out. Life has been disrupted a few times in the last month by Charley and Frances. Two major hurricanes that have come through the state and our area, leaving a lot of people still without power. We now have Ivan heading our way. This has been the worst hurricane season in my lifetime. Other than keeping my head down and trying to stay dry it's life as usual. I was planning on going to Vegas for this years race but all the storms has hurt the budget so it's not happening. The wife hasn't worked in two weeks and with this next storm on the way it looks like it could be a week or two more. No power, no job. Keep looking at the "project street car" page as I hope to keep steady working on it. Later-Lester
10/15/04- We got through all the storms ok! Glad to have cooler weather heading our way. My street car has been progressing nicely. The front end is lowered with new tires and rims, I have brake parts on order, the floor pans are installed (they fit great by the way), one seat is installed and the dash is almost complete. I have some customers to take care of so I'll be slowing down a little on the Ghia. Still looking to have it running and legal sometime around January. Other than that it's been business as usual. Bug Jam is in a few weeks then Turkey Day Rod Run, can't wait! If you see any of the Lo' Cash clan running around the shows, grab us and say HI! We always like BSing............. especially about VW's. Until next month, enjoy your VW and the autum weather. Later-Lester
11/28/04- Things have been rolling a little around here. I have gotten the dash completed on the Ghia as well as started on fuel system and brake stuff. Built a couple transaxles for people as well this last month. Been busy, but not too busy to make time to pick up my latest project. A Fiat X-19 chassis car built in the 80's by Pettefield VW in Pensacola, FL. This thing is in great shape for how old it is. Look for a new section too be up for the Fiat soon. Other than working like crazy on any and everything it's going to be business as usual around here. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and all are looking to a wonderfull Christmas and New Year. Until next month, keep working on VW's and stay warm! Later-Lester
Fisher Buggies Pro Class: 1998, 2000 Four Cylinder Nationals: 1999-2nd Multiple class wins at Jax Raceway on Tuesday and Friday nights: 1998, 1999

SSG- Fisher Buggies Sportsman Class: 2001

Florida Bug Jam: 1997- 2nd, 1999, 2000- 1st(Race class), St. Augustine Rod Run: 1999-2nd(kit car class), 2000- 1st(buggy class). Fox Lake Show: 2000-1st(buggy class) Multiple South Eastern VW Club show wins. Orlando VW Show-N-Shine 2001: 1st (buggy class), VW's By The Sea: 3rd(buggy class) & Best Of Show: Best Modified Engine, 2002-2nd(buggy class) & Best of Show: Best Engine

SSG- Fox Lake Show 2001: Runner up(under construction class)