This section is dedicated to telling YOU what's going on with Minor Threat and LO' CASH Racing Team.Good, bad, or anything else we can come up with. Check back monthly!
2/17/05- Well, hope everyone had a greta Holliday season! Sorry it's been so long since my last update but a ton has happened. On February 8th, Minor Threat was sold to a guy in the U.S. Virgin Islands and on Feb. 11 she was delivered to the shipping company. There is good and bad in this, the good- money for my new race project is imediate plus I don't have to worry about what to do with MT while racing my new car. The bad- MT is gone, she will always have a place in my heart, as well as my leg. Yep, I got a new tattoo while working in Boston. I drove down to Tattoo Mania, 65 Page Ave, Staten Island NY 1039 and my long time friend 7-O'brien did Minor Threat on my leg. I had been wanting to get this done for a while but once it looked like I was selling her it HAD to get done. Other than working on a bunch of other peoples stuff it's business as usual. I hope to have the Ghia running very shortly plus I intend on getting started on the Fiat X/19 with the quickness. John has the SSG legal now so watch out for him terrorizing the streets all over Jax. Until next time, enjoy everyday as it's your last. Later-Lester
4/18/05- Well, it's been another long patch without an update. All I can say is SORRY! Progress on my Ghia is going..... slowly. I hope to have it running in the next month though. It's down to the little things like wiring and stuff. I have decided to take a break from working on other peoples stuff for a little while. It has been crazy around here and as such I've not been able to work on my own projects. With my regular job being busy, finding time for me is getting really hard. As soon as I get the Ghia running and the Fiat on the way to making a pass down the track I'll return to doing stuff for others. John has been working out of town so the SSG has sat, but he should get some drive time real soon as the weather is great around here this time of year. Other than that I should be updating the site with a page for the Fiat as well as updateed pics of the Ghia. Later-Lester
5/25/05- The Ghia still isn't running, but work has been steady. I got all the wiring chores done, now it's really down to details. It will be running by the next update or else! A few fun things are going on in the next month. First John and I will be joining the "Herbie Across America Cruise" between Jacksonville and Orlando. We will be installing a freeway flyer into the SSG so it can actually be driven some and I'll be using a customers all original '66 for the jaunt. I should have pics up soon after the event. Next will be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!! That's right we are going back to Cali...Cali...Cali, we're going back to Cali.... I really think so! John and I are heading out for the whole deal, I'll also be updating all the action nightly so CHECK IN. It's hard on me but what the hell, you only live once. The site hasn't had much attention lately and that will change as well. I've been letting things go for way too long, so look for updates of almost all sections of the site. Bye for now but remember check back often!!! Later-Lester
11/10/05- WOW, it's been a LOOOOOOOOONG TIME!!!! Well, sorry for the long pause between post. Since not being on the road for work with a ton of time sitting in hotel rooms, the web site has suffered greatly. A lot has been happening. The VW Classic was a blast, check out the whole event by clicking on the "VW CLASSIC WEEKEND" button on the web site. I was also privileged to attend the Las Vegas Bug-In in September. Richie from the UK came over and raced Dave Rhoades '67 and yours truly was his pit crew. The car ran a 13.60 with a completetly new combo and no starting point. Went to visit "Herbie The Love Bug" when he made a stop in Jacksonville. Had a fun time but still haven't seen the movie! I have been working hard on Tate Gabbert's 74 Super Beetle. He is getting a Lo' Cash trans and turbo motor with custom built header. It's a 2275cc engine with T3 Super 60 turbo, AJ Simms turbo heads and 2" SU carb. This is going to be one hell of a street screamer. Look for pics and a full run down on the site soon. As for my stuff, not much has changed. I have increased my work space by adding a 10'x20' seperate garage onto my house. Everything should be fully operational in the next couple of months. As soon as the shop is ready, the Ghia will be made road ready and the Fiat will be going on the chassis stand. Most of you my have heard, but if not, Lo' Cash Racing has started a charity car. John and I were talking about how cool it would be to build a car and race it on the TV show "Pinks". If we won, take both cars and auction them off giving the money to charity. Well, John posted this idea on and WOW has it taken off. As of right now there are a bunch of big name companies and people trying to get this done for the Jan. 15 shoot date. We are still in need of a few items and can always use money for buying the little odds and ends. Check out the front page of the site for what is needed and where to send parts/monies. Well, like I said a lot has been going on! My New Years resolution will be to stay diligent on the web site updates. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Later-Lester
12/16/05- The end of another year is apon us. It's hard to believe the site has been up for five years now. John and I are in full swing on the Project Pinks charity stuff. We will both be at the track in Phoenix, AZ on Jan. 15, 2006 for the taping and hopefull win. Other than working on my house really nothing else car wise has been happening. I've put a hold on Tate's car for the time being and the Ghia is sitting in the same spot as last month. I have been reorganizing my garage. With the addition of my new 10x20 shop figuring out how to set everything up has been a chore. From all of us here at Lo' Cash Racing......... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Later-Lester