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10/4/06- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THIS YEAR? First off let me say sorry for not being on top of the web site. The Pinks Project has consumed way more time and energy than I would of ever expected. With the winner being drawn last weekend, all our hard work was well worth it. Now lets get down to what has been happening around here. In January we filmed the first pinks episode. What a joke! In March we filmed episode #2. I wish the out come would have been better, but it was a good showing none the less. For a complete run down of all the activities go to the "Project Pinks" page. John and I made it to this years VW Classic Weekend. We took the Project Pinks car to all the events possible to show that is was fixed and ready to rumble. We would like to thank Jason Lauffer as well as everyone at VW Paradise for their hospitality during the Classic weekend. Without Jason and the rest of the crew, getting the car around to all the events would have not happened.

Work space has grown in the past few months! John and I got all the wiring and air done on my 10x20 building, which is now a fully functional fabrication shop. I'm still in the process of rearranging everything but the extra space sure is helping out. My street Ghia has, unfortunatley, been stuck to the side for way to long now. I have been working on Tate Gabbert's turbo setup, which is now DONE!!!! I have a little tuning to do and the exhaust needs coating, but the old '74 Super is one quick bitch. Pictures of the complete setup will be on the site soon. As of right now, I'm working at having my Ghia at this years Bug Jam, just waiting on a few parts to get back from Powder Tech Plus.

I should be bringing the Fiat into the garage very soon. She will have to go on the chassis rack to get everything straightened out. Once it gets started, everything should happen pretty quickly. Thanks to everyone that helped with the "Project Pinks" car, your effort will help a lot of people. Until next month, Later-Lester.