Howdy and welcome to "John's Toy Box". Inside your going to find all kinds of cool shit. Stuff like projects that he is working on, and a lot of vintage item's that have been picked up over the years. But first lets give you a little background on John and his life.
John was born a poor black child. Early on he knew something just wasn't right. He couldn't keep the beat the way-OOPS shit wrong story! Seriously though, John has been into VW's and other items that can be made to go fast pretty much all his life. Like Mike, john also went off to school, got hitched(wife's name is Trish) and had a son(Jonathan). He has owned a couple of different VW's, motor cycle and one really ugly Saab(nicknamed the "slob"). So sit back grab a cold drink and enjoy!
First thing out of the toy box is a couple of ways to get air+fuel into your ride. The intake manifold was purchased at a swap meet for $20. Howard from Powder Tech Plus gave John and I a couple Solex P-11 40's. One will find it's way to the manifold soon. Next is a set of DEANO DYNOSOAR dual dcnf 40mm Weber carbs. These are pretty rare and way cool.
Next we have a Yamaha YSR. It isn't your regular 50cc run of the mill YSR though. This death trap is running an enduro 175cc two stroke! It is still in the building stage, everything has been purchased, and should be terorizing the streets soon.
Here we have a few really hard things to find. First we have a MOTO METER compression tester set, with all the paper work. The bottom right picture is an EMPI VALVE GUIDE TOOL SET. All the paper work is there but the box is missing. Still a great piece to stick in your show case.
The magazine to the right is considered the start of the "craze". Of course it is the first "Cal Look" issue to hit the stands by DB&HOT VWs.
Don't forget about the SSG! John is learning to race in this pile. Upgrades will be done as money and time permit. Check out the SSG page for all the details.
These are a set of REAL dealer light-up signs! At one time John and I had fourteen(14) of these. We were real stupid and gave them to all our VW friends. What were we thinking? Right now there are four left. The rest of them went the way of the west.
This 200cc Lambretta is our friend Brian's. He is in the process of rebuilding it. So far he's had the rims powder coated, new tires, worked on the electrical and is working on the motor.
A set of DDS valve covers that I picked up at a swap meet and two aluminum fly wheels(really light) that have steel clutch surfaces and ring gears inserts. We don't know much about the flywheels. Got an answer, email us.
John's Toy Box last updated 01/14/02