I met up with AJ Sims and Robert Kong before heading over to the Kymco bash. While I was there I got the grand tour of AJ's new shop. If you need a quality set of heads, give him a call!
We roll up to the party and find the beat was a pump'in and the Girlies was hot! Free food, drinks, music and bad ass cars. What else do you need?
Rapid Russ was on hand again, this time in a 70's leisure suit. He has taken this thing old school, check ouit the shifter ala Ed Roth style!
The Laufer's brought out the 10 second Notch for the evening. Before they left things got a little "somkey".......
With the festivities winding down most everyone had left. A few of us stuck around to see what craziness might happen. We weren't let down! A little battle of "who can smoke the most" started. In the end, Dom "The Burnout King" kept his title.

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