You want some Lo' Cash stuff and services? Well, you've come to the right place! Here is where we'll showcase anything and everything we have to offer. Check back soon for more.
Here is the first thing offered by Team Lo' Cash! The top pictures are the prototype in action and the picture to the right is what you'll get. There are two versions. You can get the tool w/out the dial indicator for $15 plus S&H or the whole deal for $30 plus S&H. If you want just the tool we'll need the diameter of your dial indicator shaft to index the hole properly.

You say you need a special length clutch cable? We have 'em! You specify end to end length and it's done. No more "u" bolts holding two cut cables together, ours are just like factory. How about this for a warranty, guaranted against manufacturing defects FOR LIFE! If it breaks you get a new one free! Cost is $35, includes shipping in all 50 states.
Pictured at right is the Burndy BAT-750 crimper, which we use to manufacture every cable. Rated at 18,000 PSI clamping force, when we say "it won't fail" we mean it! Don't delay order yours today.

Want to relocate your battery but can't find quality cables? Lo' Cash Racing is proud to offer custom length battery cables. All cable is 2 AWG size, other sizes available upon request, and fitted with swege-on ends for trouble free service. You just need to specify total cable length and what kind of ends you would like (top post, side post, bolt-on) and that's it. Price is $3.50 per end plus $1 per foot of cable. Actual shipping charges will apply.

Looking for a quality trans at an affordable price? That's what you'll get with a "Lo' Cash" transmixer! We offer rebuilds from "mild to wild" and everything in between. Email us with what you want and we'll get you an estimate asap. Note: we are limiting this service to Type 1's only at this time.

Do you like what you see on the Lo' Cash web site? Would you like a web site all your own? We now offer web design and upkeep! A basic five page site with up to 15 pictures per page is a mere $100 (Special features extra). Email for full details. If you can think it we can put it on the web!

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