After the taping of the first episode didn't go well and the show wouldn't air, both teams were given the opportunity to work on their cars and do it all over again. We knew we had plenty of power, but there were a few problems that needed attending, mainly in the roll cage area. After the big wheelie at Berona the front end was a little bent up, as well as the wheel hop issue that ultimately sheered an axle and cost us the final race in episode one. So, everything was pulled back apart, the trans went to Harold Carter at Transaxle Technology, the engine to VW Paradise for a new turbo and a check up, and the chassis was sent over to 407 Speed Shack for a full re-cage.
The first order of business was to strip her down to a bare frame. That meant pulling the trans, front end and cutting out all of the previous cage work.
After a couple of hours with a Saws-all, what once was a rolling car was turned into scrap metal.
Item #1 was get the driver compartment in shape. Tubing was run from the torsion housing to the front end. The main hoop and down bars were next.
Once the main hoops were in it was on to the front end. The beam is a complete hand made 3" narrowed unit from raw tubing. As you may be able to tell from the pictures, the build team decided to get rid of the 10" lengthened front end and put it back to stock dementions.
Next it's on to the rear section. An empty trans case was installed and work progressed quickly. A motor plate was made and everything was tied together.
The completed rear cage is solid! Wheel hoop shouldn't be a problem now.
Once the main cage was layed out and tacked together there is only one thing left to do...........


Next, all the little things that most people don't think about...... door bars, seat brackets, seat belt mounts, steering wheel support, ect.
After the little things are fabricated, on to the next step. You guessed it ...................


Once all the fabrication and welding was completed, there was only one thing left. Assembly!
Mike puts the last piece of the puzzle on, the new fiberglass front end donated by Empi.
The completed product! 407 Speed shack did an amazing job in just a weeks time. The decision to rebuild the roll cage would prove to be a smart one. To find out the whole story click on the "Episode 2" link.