Some days you win, some you loose, and some it doesn't pay to get out of bed! No matter what, it's always FUN.
This is what it's all about! Sherman from S&S VW, Mike, me, and Charlie Jackson hanging out at a race. You know one of these guys took home the money.
Me running down a lowly old v8 and Sherman launching it off the line.
Tracy Grimm from T.G. Fabrication (and A/SX 1/8th mile record holder) about to open a can of whoop-ass in the STEALTH BOMBER.
This is how it goes. Sit in the lanes, heat the tires, play the finish line game. Just another day at the races!
Racing isn't the only thing Minor Threat does well. It shows as good as it goes!
Me with Andy from Andy's VW hanging out at the Florida Bug Jam. Minor Threat showing a few trophies
Me and my lovely wife Gretchen having a grand old time.
Brandy getting out some of her aggressions on a poor old bug.
George Nasser, Richard Pitman (Powder Tech Plus) and his wife Dawn, along with their soon to be born first child Jeremy, taking in the sights
Mike doing the not so glamorous part of showing a car. CLEANING. What a guy!