The first place we stopped by was Berg's. Me and Mike hanging out front.
Then it was off to BFY to say hi.
Then it was off to Wolfsburg West. They have a sign simular to the GENUINE VW PARTS sign that me and john have.
The guys at Lummus Racing gave us a tour and shot the shit for a while.
Jack and his daughter, from Jaycee Ent, were nice enough to hang and talk to us for a while. Jack had to get a pair of 48IDA's ready so a guy could be in the Berg Rally.
Then we hit Fat Performance for some shirts and catalogs.
West Coast Metric was next on the list. We got the full treatment, with a tour of the museum and shop facilities. Click on the logo to enter.
Finally we head over to West Coast Classic Restorations. . Click on their logo and check out all the quality rides.