The first stop was at PROFORMANCE. The home of Dave Grainer engines and parts. A. J. Sims also has his head porting shop there as well.
Here is Dave and some of the toys he offers. Dave is also the father of Turbo Keith. If you look at last years DKP pics you'll finds his 10.30-1/4 mile pile of junk.
Check out all the work that's been going on with the car as of late. Looks like the times will be a drop'in very soon!
Here is A. J.'s shop space. Take a look at all the orders hanging! As well as being one of the areas premiere head porters and all around nice guy, he is also pretty good on the drag strip. The "LOW BUGGET" Kadron powered terror runs low 12's on a regular basis. Don't forget to check out his site All us "Lo' Cash" guys have to stick together!
Next it was off to Kymco Motorsports. Richie (from the UK) and I said hi and headed to the next place to see.
Empi was where we ended up. They opened their doors to the public for the first time. It was a pretty cool get together. There was tons of free stuff for everyone. One piece inparticular will become a collecters item, a hat pin that commemorates the first open house.
Empi also opened their direct sales center for the first time as well.
Finally it was off to West Coast Classic Restoration for some free grub and good conversation.
How's this for some rare high dollar machinery. The oldest known Rometsch and the only slide roof Enzmann in existence. Want to guess what they're worth?
Anyone need some vintage race horse power? This Arao Hemi fuel injected motor didn't make tons of power back in the day, so it never really caught on.If you were building a period race car, this is one cool setup.
When all was said and done, it was a fun day with good food and even better conversation. Well, tomorrow is a big day. Better hit the sack and get ready for it.