The 1965 Karmann Ghia was purchased around 1990, by John, for the sum of $150. It was driven until about '96 then parked. The intention was to redo it as a vintage Cal-Look car later on. Then we read about Mark Herbert's "Super Shit Box" in VW TRENDS Mag, and we had an idea. What if we took the hideously ugly '65 did nothing but make it scary fast, and drive it for the fun factor? The only stipulation we have is it must be done as cheaply as possible.
The day we pull her out into the sun after 5 years of hiding. This is one UGLY bitch!
Here it is! The start of the beast. This is the old motor that was in Minor Threat for the first two years of its life. This 1835cc ran a best of 7.20@94mph on a 75 shot of NOS. It now will be ready to cook up some "Uncle Ben's" on a Friday night. The header was built out of a swap meet bought 1.5" Tri-Mill and J pipes.
John and I figuring out the bracket to keep the manifold from falling off.
Here it is! Almost to point of lift-off!
The trans was pulled and a little R&R was done on it.
John installs the clutch and pressure plate before hooking the beast up.
She also got the cool high dollar stripe job. (Safety tape free from work) The speed look (my new catch phrase) is starting to take shape.
Here I am get'in the new instrument panel together.
With most of the gauge work done, the cockpit is taking on a somewhat stealth like look. Diamond plate is just the bomb!
Here it is. FRAKENSTEIN LIVES! With the help of our good friend Sherman from S&S VW Service we acquired 2 front chromie rims (FREE how cool!) and 1 good 135 tire. I purchased a second 135 out in Cali while there for the Classic.
FINALLY the SSG is up and running! With the initial set up done at my house, now it's time to see what she's got. John, Tracy (TG Fab) and I took her to a secluded road in Jax for some full throttle flogging. What we found out: need to check the fuel pressure, give her a little more timing and go through the ignition. Even though she wasn't up to par, sputtering at the top of each gear, we still got some 100+mph runs in. Pulls like a bitch from half of second on through the gears. Can't wait till she's running right.
Here she is in "full tilt boogie". One of many jetting runs of the afternoon. When it was all said and done, we all got a hand at the wheel.


After a couple hair raising runs, even Jack from Jack In The Box was a little on edge.
Before he left, Tracy wanted us to see what a quality burn out was. Show off!
Next it's on to the protection!
The roll cage was built in a two weekend span. We cut and bent all the tubes one weekend and did everything else the following week and weekend.
John checking out the rear hoop and down bar fit. Pads were welded in with nutsattached for mounting points.
The front of the cage tack welded in and looking ready for action.
Here's the finished product. The cage goes to the frame horns and is completely removable in 10 minutes. I feel a little better driving this pile. Next, on to Fisher Buggy's for fun in the sun!
John and I showing we got no money in our pockets. At the end of the day, I pick up some cash as the mighty SSG wins her first major event on only the second time at the track. HOW COOL!
Below is the final race sequience from start to finish. We got a best of 9.02@84mph.
Here I am get'in my cash prize of $100. It feels good to get 1/6th of the price of building your car back on the first race.
Here I am, got the cash and happy as a pig in shit!
The rest of this page is dedicated to showing you the enginering and workmanship that went into building the SSG. For starters, how about a full muffler setup? I will be taking orders on these items in the near future. First a Turbo muffler for your turbo. Cost? $375. What a bargin.
You can upgrade to this special "Master Blend" exhaust. This little item will set you back $700. Just think, you'll be the envy of every ricer on the block. Order today!
These last couple of items are "race only". First, all race cars need a quick release steering wheel. We chose the all too cheap route of not putting a nut on. Next, we can't be bothered with spending time fitting every little part, so the use of silicone to hold the spedo in was a real time saver. Cheap too! Finally, weight is an issue on any race car right? That's why we are using the tried and true way of shedding pounds. RUST! Every run down the track and our beast will lighten it's self! Stay tuned, track times are coming soon!
If people ask, it's just a little "custom 1300-DEMON".
The stickers say it all. So I'm not gonna say nuthin!