John finally got the new parts installed in the SSG. It recieved new CB Performance 044 heads, new Scat I-beam rods and bearings all the way around. You can also see it got some Powder Coating done as well. Could this mean the SSG will soon be called the "Super Sweet Ghia"? Check back to find out
Here it is! John's first (and only to date) pass with all the new motor goodies. The Heads seem to have been shimmed a tad too tight and he proceded to bend 3 intake pushrods. Needless to say we don't have time to get her ready for the Fisher Show, which sucks. As they say "There's always tomorrow".

A new high dollar trans was installed. Goodies include: aluminum spool, 3.88:1 R/P, Super Beetle main shaft, 1.48:1_3rd, 1.14:1_4th, hand packed bearings, steel shift forks, Weedle billet H/D side cover all stuffed into a gusseted Rhino case, of course the trans was built by Lo' Cash Racing!

Along with the new trans came a set of Erco lightweight racing rims and used slicks. We also installed a set of press in 14mm studs.