Minor Threat started out to be a "throw together" race car. As time went on something weird happened, it took on a mind of its own and SCREAMED to be put together right!
First order of business was driver protection. Thanks to Richard and Howard of Powder Tech Plus, we got hold of a tubing bender and went to town. The main hoops of the ten point roll cage are bent from 1 3/4" 1.20 mild steel with the rest being 1 3/4" .095. Once everything that could be done at my house was, 90%of the tubing and everything tack welded together, it was off to Powder Tech.
Over at Powder Tech, Howard and Richard helped with all the finishing details as well as letting me use the equipment nessacary to complete the job.
With everything powder coated, Minor Threat came back to my house for assembly.
While assembly of the chassis was going on, George Nasser was getting the 30 year old fiberglass into shape and ready for paint.
With the body painted and looking sweet, and all the chassis work complete, it was time to make it so I could sit in the driver's seat!
After about a year of racing, the front end was damaged in a freak garage accident. Back to George Nasser to get fixed as well as a little spice.(Or is that fire?)
With everything said and done, Minor Threat took two and a half years and around four thousand man hours to complete. There are 5 coats black, 3 coats of pearl white, yellow, and purple and 13 coats of clear, all Seiken's base coat clear coat paint. The money to be honest I'm not really sure. Without the help of allot of friends and family, Minor Threat would never even have gotten started let alone finished as well as it is. THANKS to all of you! As with any true hot rod, Minor Threat will never truly be "done". She will just keep getting better as time goes on.
The crew that made it all happen. Starting at the far left: Mikey, Richard, John, Larry, Brian, me and last but not least, George. THANKS! I owe you guys one.
On February 8, 2005 a deal was struck for the purchase of Minor Threat. I delivered her to a shipping company on February 11, 2005 bound for the Virgin Islands. I hope they enjoy her as much as I did!