In December of '98 my wife Gretchen and I went to Denmark to visit friends for the Christmas holiday. This was our second trip to Europe. The first time the weather didn't cooperate, so we didn't get to see the factory. This trip was a different story! Enjoy the pictures, they are our link to VW's beginning.
The picture on the left was taken on the Autobahn and the picture on the right was taken in Wolfsburg right at the factory.
These few pictures were taken while waiting to go on the factory tour. They somewhat show the enormous size of the factory. VW's plant is the largest manufacturing facility under one roof. It takes up about 8 square miles.
This billboard was right outside the factory. Remember that the New Beetle had just come out in America and wasn't available in Europe yet.
This street sign was at the town square in Wolfsburg. It's in honor of Ferdinand Porsche the father of Volkswagen.
This is a poster for an art exhibit that the factory was putting on. There were allot of different posters over the tour waiting area.
This is the last picture we could take! It was shot on the way into the tour. VW doesn't allow pictures inside the factory walls. If you look closely, you can see a couple rabbits in the foreground. This must be where they got the name for the Rabbit, because there were tons of them running all over the factory grounds.